Hicks Bar, 63 Trevarthian Road, St Austell, PL25 4BY

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The Hicks Bar serves a rotating collection of more than 15 cask and kegged ales, lagers, and ciders. You’ll find everything from our flagship beers to limited-edition Small Batch Brews. Here’s a look at what you can expect to find.

Proper Job IPA

 A powerful and authentic IPA that’s packed with citrus, pineapple, and grapefruit flavours. Proper Job is big and bold on the palate, with a blend of American hops delivering a moreish punch with a crisp bitter finish.

Tribute Pale Ale

A light and zesty, easy-drinking pale ale. Our flagship beer is forged from Cornish Gold and Maris Otter malts, with specially sourced hops from Slovenia and the USA. Fresh orange and grapefruit flavours are balanced with a characterful, malty base.

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tribute, brewery, st austell, beer, brewing, ale

Korev Lager

 A refreshing lager brewed in the Helles style. The radiant pale colour of korev is accompanied by a clean, crisp taste that results in a delicately bitter finish. The name ‘korev’ translates as ‘beer’ in Cornish.

Hicks Strong Cornish Ale

 Hicks is a legendary ale named after St Austell Brewery’s founder, Walter Hicks. It’s full-bodied, strong, and distinctly Cornish; a beer alternative to well-rounded premium red wine.

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hicks bar, brewery, st austell, beer, brewing, ale

Mena Dhu Stout

Mena Dhu translates as ‘black hill’ in Cornish. This unique stout is complex and flavoursome, yet light and refreshing. A blend of six malt types delivers an oak-smoked aroma with hints of liquorice and dark chocolate on the palate. It’s a distinctive, modern flavour based on a traditional recipe.

Small Batch Brews

Our series of Small Batch Brews sees our highly passionate and experienced brewing team get creative, challenging the boundaries of brewing ingredients, beer styles, and ABVs. Depending on when you visit, you could find anything from juicy blonde ales to zesty IPAs, our take on Belgian and German styles, and gorgeously rich beers from the darker side of the spectrum. They’re short-run brews, so be sure to enjoy them while they last.

hicks bar, brewery, st austell, beer, brewing, ale
hicks bar, brewery, st austell, beer, brewing, ale